I clearly remember the first time I entered Hideaway Lake Club so many years ago.  It was a lovely spring day and the trees almost didn't seem real because they were so perfect. The golf course was stunning.  The players looked like actors in a movie. I couldn't find any flaws and I recall telling people HAWL was the Garden of Eden.  After many years, I continue to tell people HAWL of Hideaway, Texas is truly a Garden of Eden Now, however, I say it with great sadness and regret.  


Over the years, I have observed many Boards come and go. I've observed many fights, squabbles, contests, etc. but have always felt things would eventually work themselves out. And, truly, HAWL seemed to always survive.  I felt HAWL could survive anything.  I was wrong. HAWL is not surviving the antics of the members of our so-called "Church".  


I have remained silent for much too long.  Hideaway Lake Community Church has created so much division and hatred in our community.  That once lovely little Church has been replaced by a huge, ugly building that sits in the spillway of one of our dams. The Church has been sued twice by members of HAWL because they will not obey the deed restrictions and bylaws of HAWL.  Apparently, the Texas Court of Appeals ruled the Church was under the bylaws and deed restrictions of our HOA.  The Court also ruled property owners could sue them to enforce the rules of our HOA.  The Church and even our own Board of Directors STILL WILL NOT OBEY OUR GOVERNING DOCUMENTS.  


Hideaway Community Church signed a lease stating they would obey the bylaws and deed restrictions.  This was a lie. They lied then and continue to lie.  They are the GREAT DECEIVER in the Garden.  The Church is not a member of our HOA and yet they invite people into our community and lease recreational land that is meant only for the members of HAWL.  They bother their neighbors with noise and traffic. The Wylies, who are paying members of HAWL, have been forced to sue them twice.  Let me repeat that - the Wylies, who are retired, have been forced to sue the Church because they are BREAKERS OF THE LAW.


The Church, in their pride and arrogance, have set themselves above the laws of God and the laws of our State.  They must know better-just ask them.  They lie by saying they will follow the rules-they don't.  And so, like Satan, they have set themselves above God's laws.  "For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."  Isaiah 14:12-13


The Church has brought nothing but division among the members of HAWL.  How much money has the Club spent in protecting them from the bylaws and deed restrictions?  How much money is spent on Security for a Church that is not a member of the Club?  How much money have the Wylies been forced to spend to defend their home against this dragon?  Mr. Wylie is a retired, DISABLED veteran.  He is disabled because of his service to our country.  And the Church considers this man an enemy.  HAWL has allowed the Church to devalue his home because of their building activity. What more can you do to these people?  Their retirement years are a nightmare.  HAWL does nothing to protect them against a nonmember.  The Board of Directors (some are Church members) are beguiled by the Serpent whispering their ear.  The fruit from the Director's tree is corruption.   "Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit."  Matthew 12:33


On Monday we will get to see the fruit of the tree.  The Board of Directors will be voting on rule changes that will continue to allow the Church to invite people inside our gates.  People that may be completely unknown and people that may want inside to burglarize houses, grab children, or conduct other activities.  Who can really know?  And these people will all use our small roads to wind their way into the spillway to park on our recreational property, make noise, etc.  These actions are against our bylaws and deed restrictions.  And yet, the Board seems to have no problem listening to these Great Deceivers.  They defend them against MEMBERS.  They defend them to a retired, disabled veteran.  Can these corrupt people bring forth any good fruit?

I feel sorrow for the current members of HAWL and the innocent people that buy property in our community.  Like the Wylies they will probably believe HAWL will enforce the bylaws and deed restrictions.  They will probably believe their neighbors will be strong and not weak.  Like me they will believe they are in the Garden of Eden and like me they will forget the Garden contains a SERPENT DRESSED IN THE CLOTHES OF A CHRISTIAN.


I pray for all of us.