Who Makes Decisions at HAWL?


On November 6, 2013 Lanty and Patricia Wylie make a request to Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., for a copy of certain documents that are available under Texas Law.

(TEX. PROP. CODE § 209.005(c))


December 6, 2013 we received 39 pages of requested documents.

Today is April 24, 2015 and we have not received the plat survey or any of the architectural drawings or descriptions of the new Church being constructed behind our home. I have offered to pay for any reasonable copying cost in this regard.


It is our understanding that these architectural drawings are a part and parcel of the Building Permit that Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., issued to the Church to build a HOME. These drawings are now Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., records.


However, according to Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., this matter has been turned over to Hideaway Lake Community Church for approval to release them.


Just think about this for a moment, the Church has to make a decision if they will allow the Club to comply with Texas Law (supra) in regard to Club records.


You might say, “Now I get it,” or not.