Repeating that James Fair gave property to the Church is not supported by the facts.



According to the Smith County Property Records, Fair, the developer, has never given any property to the Church.


1.  In 1974 Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc., (NOT JAMES FAIR) Leased Lake Park to Hideaway Lake Community Church.

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2.  In 1984 Lake Park, 1.306 Acres, was sold to the Church by a Conditional Deed by HAWL to the Church, with the following Conditions.

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a)  Crystal Systems retain certain service easements.

b) The Church will abide by HAWL’s CC&Rs.
(Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions)

c)  A reverter clause, that if the property is not used and maintained for religious services, it reverts back to HAWL.

d) In Smith County Records, a restriction is placed on a secular school at the Church.

3.   Hide-A-Way Lake, Inc., sold the Church a Water Well location in Lake Park 5,005 Square Feet.

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4.  December 20, 2013 The Texas 12th Court of Appeals ruled that ALL OF HAWL is under the 1969 and 1995 Deed Restrictions. Specifically, the court ruled Unit 41 was included.