Within HAWL there has been a great deal of discussion concerning my first editorial.  Predictably, many Church members have reacted by making false statements about the Wylie's and the lawsuits.  I have carefully reviewed much of the documentation concerning these matters (Thank you Mr. Wylie for giving me access to your files) and will address the most common claims I've heard:


1. James Fair gave land to the Church.


This statement is untrue.  As Mr. Wylie has posted, on this site, Hide-A-Way Lake Club sold the Church the land.  This land sale did not include the dam spillway, usage of the dam spillway, and there was no mention of the Church having any current or future access to this land.  The spillway is part of the common property of HAWL members. 


2. The Church is HAWL's Church.


This statement is untrue.  The Church is not a member of the Club and is not part of the HOA. The Church physically resides in the city of Hideaway and within the residential development of the HOA.  Only a small group of people attend the Church (the Church claims there are 400 members).  Obviously, this is a small percentage of the total number of Club members.   I know many members that worship at a number of Churches in the area.  I do not consider the "Church" to be MY Church.  I find the concept abhorrent.


3.  The Wylie's sued the Church.


This statement is true but to be understood must be understood within context.  The first lawsuit the Wylie's (and other members) filed against the Church was in response to the building of a school.  This proposed school was in direct violation of the Club's bylaws and deed restrictions.  The members were successful in blocking the building of the school.  The Wylie's did not seek reimbursement of their legal costs because the Church informed their attorney they had no money.  The second lawsuit was filed by the Wylie's (alone) against Hideaway Lake Club for failure to enforce the bylaws and deed restrictions by allowing the Church to lease common property and build in the spillway, etc.  The Judge presiding over the case ruled the Church had a right to enter the lawsuit.  THE CHURCH MADE THE DECISION TO VOLUNTARILY ENTER THE LAWSUIT.  This is a matter of public record.


4.  The Wylie's said the Church was Satan.


This statement is untrue.  The Wylie's did not write the guest editorial, had no input, and made no changes to my writings.  God and God alone determines the nature of Satan:


"To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me."  Acts 26:18


All sin is of Satan.  I find it astonishing that I must explain this to members of a Christian Church.   The Church has lied and is continuing to live a lie on a daily basis.  The Church has received labor and materials from Hideaway Lake Club that they are not legally entitled to take.  The Church is leasing property that the Club is legally obligated to manage for membership usage only as required by State law.  I could continue on the many sins of the Church.   Perhaps my next Editorial should focus on the sins of the Church.  


I am saddened some Church members seem to think they are above sin.  As noted in my previous Editorial, this is the sin of Satan; to rise in pride and arrogance above the Law.  This pride is also one of the sins of Sodom:


"Behold this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, PRIDE, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy."  Ezekiel 16:49


Sodom was destroyed for their sins by brimstone and FIRE.  I have found it interesting to note the Church building was destroyed by fire.  Perhaps Church members should reflect on that event and determine for themselves the meaning of that event.


5.  The Wylie's hate the Church.


I believe that statement is untrue.  I have seen no evidence that supports this claim.  As noted in this Editorial the Wylie's forgave the legal expenses incurred because of the Church's attempt to build a school.  The Church has not reacted in a similar manner and have demanded access to the Wylie's personal, financial records.


Who is the hater?


I have never heard the Wylie's use hate speech toward the Church or any members.  But I have heard hate speech from Church members and have noted at least one incident where the Wylie's were called "legal terrorists" by the lawyer working on behalf of the Church.  

Another instance in a sworn deposition:

“And then during his (Preachers) little speech there, he suggested that the people that did not want that church or that was going against his will were like those atheists and terrorists that had attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.”

These accusations are in the Court public record which is easily obtainable.  This was particularly painful to hear since it was used to describe a DISABLED VETERAN.  


Who is the hater?


Who is the terrorist?


Are you a terrorist because you want the Church to obey the bylaws and deed restrictions?


The Church agreed to obey the bylaws and deed restrictions of the Club:


They agreed in the Property Deed


They agreed in the Lease


The members of the Church that are Club members signed a contract with HAWL to obey the bylaws and deed restrictions.  The Minister is a Club member and has presumably signed the same contract.  These words are not being honored.  The Church members and the Church are living a lie on a daily basis.  They are living under the sin of this lie and the sin of their pride and arrogance that justifies these sins.


The Church should be less worried about the Wylies, me, or any other person calling the Church, "Satan".  They should be concerned about what God says about the nature of sin.


I call on the Board of Directors to terminate the lease agreement with this Church.  This is allowed under the lease agreement. The sin and iniquity of the Church should be removed from the HOA.  Let the Church continue their doings on their property and leave the rest of HAWL in peace and harmony.